"Why the fuck ur dick smell like pussy???"

I hadn't had sex with him in a week. I was no longer on my knees, I stood straight up and
"Whaaaaaaap!" Bitch Slapped him Right across his dumbfounded face.
"I said why the fuck ur dick smell like sum stank ass pussy?!" (Emphasis on 'stank')
I had come to the conclusion that after a week of not giving my man some of this 'wet wet'.
( atleast thas wat his best friend would call it ) I figured I would go down and give him some head only come to find out this soon to be dead fiance of mine had a dick that smelled like a dead fish. I was infuriated. My face and finger were less than two inches away from his face I was fuming mad. all he could do was stand there and hold his once brown - now red cheek.

To my surprise a tear rolled down my face. I thought I stopped caring for K_____ a long time ago. But no... Deep down inside I still had some feelings.

. . .

A few months back I started having a thing for his best friend. And apparently his bf had a thing for me too. We hooked up once and to him it was "amazing". For me - I'd beg to differ. I told his bf that this had to stop between us and he fell back but still gave me the lingering eye every now and then wen K's back was turned. Was it possible that K found out and this was his revenge? No way in hell was I ratting myself out now. TITTG!! I was (takin it to the grave!!)

. . .

Now all I could do was stare at him staring back at me. . . Was that a tear forming in his right eye. I blinked. It was gone. My breathing had been out of control. 20seconds had passed. Still no answer.
"Muthafucka! If u don't answer me in ten seconds u can start packing ur shit and get the fuck outta my apartment!!"
He quickly jumped back and was hesitant to respond. ..
"Uhh uhh. I went to the strip club."
It was 2 in the afternoon.
"Okay! And?! Wat the fuck happened?! u fucked one of them stripper bitches didn't u?!"
"Uhh uhh no - see what. Had. Happened. Was..."
Long pause.
He was now avoiding eye contact.
Shifting his weight from one leg to the other.
Ultimate signs that he often showed when he was either lying or about to lie.
A lady can Always tell when her man is lying.
The best story he could conjure up was that he went to the strip club and ended up getting head from one of the strippers who was desperate to make an extra 50 before her shift was up.
He still had to pack his shit and go.
It was officially over.
I cared for him but not enough to jepordize my dignity or health.
At that moment I heard the voice of my late grandmother in my mind "Once a cheata always a cheata" my west indian "mama" which is wat I called her, died at the age of 83. She died peacefully in her sleep. Her beautiful features were mine from the
hazel eyes right down to the full lips and hips , I even inherited her small waist nd small cute feet. I was my grandmothers grandchild.
And now I was about to be a widow because killing him was what came to mind right after I threw his belongings out the window and into the hallway. Sneakers. Clothes. Belts. Chains. Watches. I no longer wanted anything to do with him.
All he could do was stand there after I let him plead his case I guess he thought id give him props for telling the half assed truth. wrong. And just like that. After 2years that was all it took for him to be gone.
" Baby. Wait. Please. But. Isaidimsorry. "
"You damn right u sorry. You a sorry ass muh-fucka!! I don't wanna have shit to do with u and ur dirty ass dick!! GET OUT!"

I don't know how long it took to convince him that it was best that he leave but after I mentioned his 3strikes and the police being called his bf was right there within minutes like 'mr. captainsaveahoe" to gather the scattered unmentionables from the hallway and other shit off the side of the street.

I was too thru. Would u believe his so called bf tried to hook up with me the next day?!
Ay dios mio !

The story of my life!!!
-to be continued...



  1. Damnnnnnnnnnnnn girl!!! U went through allll that!??? I swear I hate men LOL! And his best friend??...WTF?? Men are disgusting

  2. Damn. Yea thats sick..you did the right thing though....he definitley wud hv died. dude was finna let you suck off some other bitch nasty juices w/ no shower in btwn. Ughhh...thats just too much.