its been three years since ive had a psychotic episode.

i must say that thanks to my meds and frequent doctor visits im glad that im okay.

its not easy being bipolar but it aint difficult either.

mood swings . bad days - good days. ups and downs.

id like to think of myself as normal but then again what is normal if no two ppl are the same?

sometimes i think too much and that can be a good thing but most of the time its bad...

cause i over think things to the point where i get a headache...

nevertheless i love my life - however if i could change one thing it would be having to take medication everyday-- its only two small pills but it gets annoying..

anyway im gonna go take a nap now...later my loves...



  1. Hope all is well , stick in there with the whole meds thing. And Happy Happy New Year ! Cheers to another year of no episodes.

    Much Love,

  2. Happy New Year, and thanks for following. I'm quite sure you're blog is going to be entertaining. And always remember-- "normal people" are boring! |Said the chick who has panic disorder|
    I'm glad you have a med that works for you!