pleased u sexually like no one else could.
sucked ur dick like only a porn star would.
then this is how u do me?.....
dirty; like a used tampon
grimey; like a brooklyn subway...

what ever happened to the promises u made me?
u mentioned that u wud never hurt me
you said you were a man of ur word
but instead your a liar, and a punk

we did everything so quickly
i kissed you on our first date...
i remember it like it was yesterday

your lipz so soft & juicy
i remember how u used to do me...
missionary& stare in my eyes...
thas how i knew u loved me,

maybe i was a fool to fall for u
after a few months
but isnt that how it usually happens?

you meet a guy
you fall in love
you fall out of love
have make up sex
curse him out
cry& get all emotional on his ass
then dump him cause he was never any good to u anyway...

....then its On 2 the Next!