He called me Juicy (pronounced, Juice-ayyy emphasis on the 'ay') because I got That aquafina flow or "that good shit" as he wud often put it. He would always fuck me good even when he was too tired. my lips made his dick stand at attention and he loved it , the way I would lick and suck on the head of his dick. He loved every minute of it, I would lick my lips, and slide my mouth up and down his shaft with enuf spit and suction to make his toes curl. He would moan "mmm" and say "baby damnnn" as he looked dwn at me. In between licks I responded "yea baby do u like that??" Without even thinkng he wud say "mmahhyesss" mezmerized by the head game I would give him. He liked it best wen he was laying on his back with me kneeling over him on the bed. He loved gettin head and I loved to please him, he would often reach and grab on my titties or reach down and play with my pussy which wud make me moan and take more of his dick into my mouth. After he played with my pussy he would lick the juices off his fingers. yummy. 69 has always been my favorite position after doggy because of the satisfaction I get from knowing he's getting satisfaction from pleasing me and vice versa. Plus it gave me easier access to his balls nd I loved suckling on his balls not too hard because their way more sensitive than the shaft.

As he ate my pussy until my legs wud quiver I sucked his dick until he came in my mouth and I swallowed it. Usually I know when he's about to cum his breathing gets heavier he starts to suck on my clit even harder grabs my ass a bit tighter nd his legs become more tense and his toes curl up, when all of the above happens I push his dick back further down my throat past my tastebuds so I don't taste his cum and then I just feel the warm liquid oozing dwn my throat,

Finally he releases my clit and let's out an utterance of relief and his body is no longer tensed but now more relaxed. I get up to go wipe off and come back to the bed to lay in his arms. He sweeps my bang out of my face and plants a kiss on my forehead trails down my nose and gives me a full kiss on the lips. We began to kiss passionately and once again his fingers reached for that spot between my legs that always gets me hot. I reach for his dick and tug it slightly in the direction of my pussy. "I want it in me ... Right nowwwww mmmm" while hes playing with my clit he reaches over to the night stand for the gold wrapped latex halo. Safety first. He slides it in and were off to a land of exstasy. Moaning with pleasure I grab the back of his neck as he rolls me onto my back and gets on top of me.

He looks me in my eyes and doesn't say a word instead he grunts with each thrust of passion I watch him watching me and he grins as I make sexyfuckfaces. Biting my lower lip I want to get ontop but wait, not so fast missy, he pins me down to the bed as I try to move. I moan louder with each thrust I watch him as he slides in and out of my wet pussy deeper faster deeper. Damn. That. Shit. Feels. Too. Good. Don't. Stop! He keeps going and going I keep moaning, Finally he flips me over with one hand like DMX did during that intro scene in BELLY damn he wants to fuck me in my ass? No. He enters my wetness from behind , tasting my pussy first. All of a sudden-- wham he slams his dick in. Uhhhhh-ahhhhhhh!!! I scream with pleasure , He covers my mouth so his neighbors won't hear me. " Shhhh baby "he whispers in my ear - I love it when he does that. The excitement of his neighbors possibly hearing makes the sex even better soon I feel myself about to orgasm goosebumps form on my arms then my legs I tense up I feel it its coming uhhhhhhhhmmmmmm damnnnn "baby I'm-about-to..." before I even finish the word "...cummmm" right after the letter 'u' and before the 'm' I felt a gush of my juices running down my leg onto the sheets. "Cum for me baby" he says. Umm too late. By this point I'm drained and I want him to come as well so I can finally go to bed, he thrusting and grunting rubbing against my clit which is overly sensitive , I've reached a point to where I'm all sexd out for the night. Just wen I thought he wasn't gonna finish his strokes become harder faster cum for me baby cum for mami I said. And he did, he ripped the condom off and came.
all. over. my. ass.


  1. you should write a book!!
    -Leah @ www.andhesaidshesid.blogspot.com

  2. Damn! If this was a book, there would be a messy fire cause I'd would've burned it by having to light a cigarette after that! Damn!

  3. Girl ya got skills ;makes me wanna get my boyfriend over .. now . LOL

  4. Ive pretty much fallen in love with your blog!