he looked into my eyes longingly as he stroked my clit, i dont know what it is but its sumthing about having that part of my body stimulated that just turns me the fuck on...

stroke after stroke sent rushes of pleasure thru my body, "lay back and relax, i want you to enjoy this", he said. i was in awe of him and the fact that he could make me feel so good with just his fingers...

"that feels good, dont stop..." i said

for some reason i felt as though he could now see the real me, and i felt vulnerable i tried closing my eyes so i could fully enjoy the experience but he kept watching me
(not in a creepy way but in an adoring/sexy kind of way...)

"grab my dick" he said in a demanding seductive tone, i reached for it and began to jerk him off slowly gradually picking up the pace.

stroke the clit.
stroke the dick.
stroke the clit.
stroke the dick.
stroke the clit...

it felt soo damn good.

"you know what would make me feel even better right now?"


i said, acting as if i didnt already know what he was hinting towards, however i wanted him to say it, say those words that made my pussy even wetter...

"i want u to suck my dick"

and i gladly did but not before i hiked my ass up in the air and practically sat on his face with my head facing down wards towards his penis.

his dick was hard and very much at attention , he hungrily devoured my clit in between his lips and i did the same with his dick slowly licking the tip first to get it moist and then devouring his dick whole.

deep throating right down to his balls ,

(sex tip#101: when deepthroating always breathe thru ur nose and come up for air if u feel ur self about to gag.)

i felt like i was about to come after about ten long minutes of him licking and sucking on my clit...

but right before i was about to come he said,

"i wanna fuck"

[God , just the sound of his voice gets me moist]

so i hopped off his face and got onto my knees on the bed and poked my ass up in the air, he entered me from behind and
he made my body feel heaven bound...

i dont know if it felt better because he was breaking my 3 week dry spell or if his dick got bigger or maybe he took some stamina pills but the sex was great...

every minute of it. we went at it for about 30 minutes and then round two was even longer...

the curve of his dick was helping him hit spots that i never knew existed then i felt my body trembling and thats when it hit me i was definitely having an orgasm ,

i felt myself about to cry tears of joy but the tears wouldnt fall. he just kept hitting my spot over and over and over and over again, i was in complete extasy right up until i came all over his dick.

an exhausted "damn!" was all we could both say when we were done...
he definitely put in work.

afterwards as we laid in bed and he put his arm around me ,
right then and there everything was just so perfect.

when i woke up it was back to reality.

ah..theres always a next time...and we're both looking forward to it ;)