i was pissy drunk that night.. and so was he..

we started to make out his hands were all over me. "i just love grabbing on your fat ass" he says with a raspy voice in my ear , i let out a moan because i love having my ass grabbed and talkin dirty was another turn on...this wasnt our first time.. so he knew exactly what i liked.. "take off your pants", he says, quickly i bent over and took them off and before i could even stand back up straight he quickly grabbed at the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head pushing me up against the wall rubbing on my breasts thru my bra without unbuckling the clasp at the back he just slid my bra straps down over my shoulders and popped one of my perfect b-cups into his mouth..as he was sucking on my breast, i was tugging at his pants hinting that he should take them off and he did..

after he took his pants off he went back to sucking on my breasts ...not leaving either one of them neglected. i was tired of standing so i pushed him backwards towards the bed so we could finally get down to the nitty gritty. i slid my panties off and he took his boxers and his tshirt off he left on his wife beater and his chizled chest showed thru with hard nipples. he was a slim build with a huge dick just the way i like em'.

his dick stood at attention and my pussy was beyond wet , "put it on" i said looking at the magnum he took out of his bedroom drawer ...as soon as he slid it on , i climbed on top of him and straddled his dick like i was a bull riding champion i started bucking my hips and he met my rythym his dick felt so good inside of me and after about 10 minutes of riding he said "mmm, baby lemme hit it from the back." i let him have his way as i slid off of him onto the bed ..while on my knees i arched my back so my ass was up in the air and he entered my pussy from behind slowly then when i demanded that he "fuck me harder!" he did.. and it felt even better...i love being in submissive positions but at the same time give orders it turns me on and i can tell it turned him on too..the harder he stroked the deeper he went and the deeper he went the more he hit my spot. we went at it for about 30minutes , hair pulling, sheet grabbing, dirty talking, nasty sex.

i felt my legs starting to shake and my pussy gushed with cum "ah shit im bout to cum" he said "cum for me baby" , i said, and he did.






i decided not to go back to that godforsaken place today but i will be going back within the nex ten days...blah blah blah since i got nuthin much to say i will leave u with this ...happy fuckin holidays!!




today i had to go down to the medic-aid office and i was seriously annoyed by every and anything in that god forsaken place! the long lines the ppl who work there -- everything! i just hate being in or around anything ghetto! lol first i had to put my application in a basket and wait for my name to be called ..after about an hour and a half they finally called my name (which surprised me because i thought id have to wait at least two hours to be seen) .. i was called into the office and sat across the desk of the nice lady who went over my application, when she was done she gave me a list of documents that i need to bring back in tomorrow on christmas fu*kin eve! aint that some shit? welp wish me luck cause i sure as hell don't wanna go back but i have to (ugh) *rolls eyes*




to k_____ , the nigga who i wasted two years of my life with [from 05-07 to be exact] where do i begin?? we met at a club in queens, let me correct myself it wasn't even a club it was one of those hole in the wall Jamaican restaurants that had a party in their basement .. we met on the night of may 29 2005 and it was like love at first site i was only 20 at the time and he was the same age ..he wooed me with his dance moves and had me open like a 24 hour corner store..
to make a long story short he gave me his number and when i didnt call right away he hounded my best frenz sister (the chic who introduced us in the first place) until i finally decided to give him a call. we wnt out with eachother the next day and later on that night it was like magic we kissed once and (as they say in them corny novels) the rest is history...i loved him with all my heart but he cheated on me constantly.

i had no proof that he actually slept with other girls but the non stop fone calls from other bitches at all hours of the night and morning gave it away. we got into many fist fights (me initiating the fight of course) just because he would have the nerve to answer the fone in front of me if thats not the utmost level of disrespect i dont know what is...

to be continued...



to S______ the nigga that cheated on me with that fat black ugly preggo bitch back in '04

to G___ who cheated on me with the pimple faced Yugoslavian bitch that claimed she was my go0d friend .. fuckin`backstabbing whore!

to N___ , the nigga who i knew for years that decided to never speak to me again after i had one psychotic episode in front of him.

to D____ who got on my nerves and wanted to wife me all the way from Jamaica after i sent him a few sex messages... fucking loser.

to all the countless losers who had me and will never ever have me again this blog is dedicated to you.

to all the niggaz and bitches that shit on me and thought id never bounce back! especially after what you did to me; this goes out to you.

why dedicate a blog to all the past losers of my life you ask?? good question...stay tuned to find out...