[letter to G___.]

You Ungrateful Muthafucka,

U ignore me whenever I call u
U only answer ur texts whenever its convenient for u
without any consideration for me or my feelings.
never compliment me
U never hold me
U never
kiss me
U don't appreciate me - and even if u say u do u don't show it.
I'm So Done With You.

* * * *

*im gonna stop txtin him and stop callin him - I'm finished. I cnt take the abuse no more. Its like he don't care. All we have is sex. That's it. Let's leave it at that and I will call him wen I wnt it not vice versa. I used to consider him a fren but frenz don't treat eachother that way. He treats me like a last resort. Like a last minute booty call. Wen he wnts me to come see him he expects me to drop it all get my muthas car nd drive a hlf hour to c him , I srsly wanna fight him. Thas how bad he pisses me off but hed prolly win. Ugh *rollzeyes* thas another thing he aint evn local. Shyt I go out my way everytime; if nething I'm bein playd. For a fool @ that. Nd he never calls on wknds. We always fuck durin the week. He prolly got sum bytch that he fux n lays up with on the wknd. No wnder he's so tired durin the wk. I'm done. . I'm bout to change my number nd not tell neone. Well just him. I've come to the conclusion that that nicga don't care for me at all , he's content with gettn head from and fuckin me that's it. I'm a pop to him. And that shyt hurts. . I want to mean more to him than sex but thas obviously not gonna happen. Its cool there's plenty other niggas out there I just need to be upfront with them wen I meet them like I'm saving myself for sumone I'm in a committed relationship and in love with. Its time to move on ; new year new tings. G____ is so 09 I need a 2010nigga. Lol seriously. I'm moving along.


  1. *sigh* sounds sooo similar to something i went through. kicked that nigga to the curb!

  2. girl ive been through this countless times.
    like sinfulyo said, sounds similar!

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