[lame dick.]

Ladies. How do u tell a nigga that his oh'9 dick is not what's poppin in oh'ten! Lol.
Dis nigga G___ I've known him for years...

(We met in the summer of 2003 I went away to college he got locked up I came back he got out and we hooked up... Yeah bad mistake on my end but ladies u know it aint no dick like aHo0d nigga-just got outta jail dick)

he's a cool dude don't get me wrong, but everytime we get together he gets in it and once it starts feelin g0od he Nutts n I'm left starin at the ceiling like wtf? Did this nigga just bus his nutt BEFORE I got mine! And then got the nerve to ask me "did u come?" w/ such a stupid look on his face. (And of course I'm put in a predicament where I have to lie cause I don't wanna hurt his bitchass feelings)

Lol fellas if yall gotta ask that question ya dick is definitely NOT whas poppin especially not this year, so if u haven't gotten a b0oty call yet from that chic u was fuckin in '09 let's face it february is just round the corner- give up! Cause chances are her new yrs resolution was to NOT fuck with ur lame dick in 2010. Lmaooo. Like Jay said -- I'm 'On to the next one!!!'


  1. Lmao! If you gotta ask did you come your dick definitly is not the business! Lmao...I love this! Preach girl!

  2. Lmao!! This ish is funny

    Dope blog ma


  3. lmao "hood dick"
    nicee post.
    thnks for followingg
    and Following yuuu Tooo[:

  4. lol. that is hilarious! cool blog.

    thx for following.
    im following u too.

  5. lol im askin tha SAME question!!
    i need to kno how to tell my bf his dick aint workin for me point blank period.its tooooo small!

  6. Aww @ Chocolate Babe... that sucks for real lol... Buy him some pills or something lol

    Hilarious blog though! ♥

  7. fresh out of prison wang? i've never had the pleasure. but umm yeah no tragic dick in 2010!

  8. All dick aint good dick . All I gotta say. Lol tell him he needs to step up his lickin game cuz his dickin game just aint gettin it.