[backed up.]

i havent had sex in 3 months!!! G____ is actin the fuck up and im bout ready to find me a new d!ck..however as easy as that sounds im very picky when it comes to who i lay with..i dont have a long ass list like Chilli but he has to be fine as hell, educated, with his own place, have good hygiene and a car wouldnt hurt either..i mean if he dont have his own place where the hell are we gonna go to have sex? i still live with my parents and someone is always here! plus i think fuckin in my parents house is just downright disrespectful... even tho im borderline crazy, i do have respect. anyway i dont know what im going to do i think i need to take my ass to the nearest sex shop and re up on a new bullet and vibrator... ladies do u have any sex toy suggestions??.. they would be greatly appreciated lol