to S______ the nigga that cheated on me with that fat black ugly preggo bitch back in '04

to G___ who cheated on me with the pimple faced Yugoslavian bitch that claimed she was my go0d friend .. fuckin`backstabbing whore!

to N___ , the nigga who i knew for years that decided to never speak to me again after i had one psychotic episode in front of him.

to D____ who got on my nerves and wanted to wife me all the way from Jamaica after i sent him a few sex messages... fucking loser.

to all the countless losers who had me and will never ever have me again this blog is dedicated to you.

to all the niggaz and bitches that shit on me and thought id never bounce back! especially after what you did to me; this goes out to you.

why dedicate a blog to all the past losers of my life you ask?? good question...stay tuned to find out...


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