its been a few years since my last psychotic episode.. yay me
* does the running man in place *
i must say i am very happy about that..
i havent had sex in about a month and i swear if i dont orgasm in the next three days from something other than my fingers im gonna scream for cryin out loud ! why is it so hard for me to get sum good d without the hassle? G___ is actin up again. he text me the other day talkin about he miss me - nicga please if u missed me u woulda called me muhfucka - fuck outa hea! i just might give in tho and call him soon. well other than my gspot being unstimulated i dont have much to complain about.
*starts singing* "lifes good, im great clap ya hands one time if u relate" *clap clap* so which one of yall went to church today? its palm sunday and believe it or not i dont only go to church when easter and christmas comes around... if thas what u do then hey do u! #iwontjudge im just sayin i go to church very often and i wouldnt be surprised if that comes across as a shock to some of u, with the way i cuss...but God know mah heart.
anyway -- im off to go do nuthing imparticular just wanted to let u guys know im alive..


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